Hi  Blaine,

I want to address some issues below:


Lady who stayed downstairs:

The person who I let stay downstairs is a very responsible 60 year old lady who I have known for many years. She was like a nanny. She helped me with cooking, cleaning, gardening, and watched my children while I was working two jobs.  It was so helpful, especially during the Covid-19 outbreak, but I was wrong.  I should have asked for permission to let her stay.  I am so sorry.  



The van was kept in the garage for a long time because it needed some expensive work done on it.  My husband had someone from out of state who was going to buy it months ago. The guy kept saying he was coming down but he kept delaying. I was going to re-sell it recently, but then we got word from management that it needs to be moved which I understand. I did not like it there but I thought the van would be removed much sooner.



I have had the bushes trimmed twice a year since I have been here. I was going to have it trimmed again soon.  I was also planning to weed-eat the yard and get the weeds out of the cracks in the driveway and sidewalk.

I water every other day for 30 - 40 minutes per area. The front stays green except it gets a little brown during the hottest months. However the back has problems with dead spots no matter how much I water.

I paid a guy in May to aerate and fertilize the front and back yards.  I paid again to have another fertilization done 3 weeks later, in June.  It hasn't seemed to help the back yard.  I informed REMS in May that an expert may need to advise what the problem is. 

Support Animal:

I was already letting the dog idea go until I received your text to get the doctor's note and fill out paper work from management.  However, the trauma of moving from friends and school would be far worse than not having the dog.  


For your consideration:

It was a devastating shock when I was given notice to move out and uproot my family this week.  If there is any way you could give me a second chance to remedy the issues that caused you to have me vacate I will fix any issues.  Perhaps you could give me a probation period?  If you could find it in your heart to consider giving me the chance to correct my mistakes, it would truly be an answer to my earnest prayers for my family to continue to stay in your beautiful home.  I would be willing and able to pay more rent if it helps.  Whatever I can do to to have you consider letting me continue to rent, I will comply with.

Maybe the issues described above are not why you are telling us to move.  Perhaps you are selling the house now.  If this is this case,  could I possibly have more time to find another place?  I am troubled that the order is dated June 9th, and it was delivered to me just this week. There are so few rentals here in Orem and I am anxious to keep my children in their school districts if possible.


Thank you for the time considering this, 

Heather Taylor